Thanksgiving Leftovers: Two Ways to Turkey

Last night, I endeavored to repurpose some of the leftover Thanksgiving Turkey into some yummy turkey nachos. I grabbed the tub of turkey and chopped it up into small cubes.

Got the cubes into a pan and then added some delicious rum molasses BBQ sauce by Olivier.

I let the turkey cook in the bbq for a bit.

Then, I layered some tortilla chips in an oven safe dish and laid down some shredded cheddar.

On top of the cheddar, I spread half of the bbq turkey and added on some red peppers.

I put down another layer of chips, the rest of the turkey, peppers, cheese, and some green olives.

I baked til the cheese was all melty and then topped with sour cream, guacamole, and some more BBQ sauce.

This was so finger licking good!!

But wait, there’s more!

I made a turkey omelette this morning with crisped stuffing strips!

I sautéed some chopped up dark meat turkey, green peppers, onions from the turkey, and some gravy.

Beat up some eggs and poured over the sautée.

For the stuffing strips, I just added a little olive oil to a pan, cut pieces off from the stuffing pie into about half inch thick strips.

Got em nice and crispy on each side. Then plated along side the turkey omelette for a yummy thanksgiving leftover breakfast!!

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