Turkey Burgers – Prelude to Thanksgiving

This will be short and sweet, as I just threw it all together and forgot to take early step pictures! Sorry, I promise tomorrow will be slow, gratuitous, and dripping with plenty of foodie photos!! I had a spaghetti squash on hand and some ground turkey breast, as well as some other good embellishments to make for a nice, but pretty quick, dinner.

Went the quickie route with the spaghetti squash – if you don’t have time to roast it, cut it in half, scoop out the seeds, place in a large microwave safe bowl with a little water and cover with plastic wrap. Then nuke for two sets of five minutes (it should be forkable by then). Fork scrape it out of each half and mix with some flavorings to your taste. I added a little bit of tomato sauce and a good bit of truffle oil.

I had some nice ground turkey breast, to which I added some chopped up baby Bella mushrooms and orange bell peppers. I also added some blue cheese herb mustard by Stonewall Kitchen (this stuff is awesome) and some truffle oil. I made two big patties and cooked em up in a pan with some more truffle oil.

Yeah baby!! These seared up beautifully. I placed the burgers atop the spaghetti squash.

Then whipped up a little avocado concoction with some more of the blue cheese mustard to top it off.

This was so delicious for a quick throw together dinner! We paired it with two beers (a mini flight, if you will), one was the Palo Santo Marron by Dogfish Head – a strong, dark, caramelly ale – and the other was Choklat by Southern Tier. Neither of these is light, rather, they are both dark, deep, rich, and delish!!

‘It’s better to have a beer flight and not have to choose when faced with two great treats and a lovely partner to split them with! Try this at home kids!!

Mmmmm!! And tomorrow is the day! It’s almost here!!! Thanksgiving.

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