My Favorite Holiday is Almost Here!!

I know it has been so long since I’ve written. Life has been incredibly busy, barely even finding the time to eat over the last couple weeks, let alone cook well. But all things pause come Thursday for a day of thanks.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. And I’m gearing up for another great one. Got a 21-pound bird ready for the roasting (I’d have gone bigger, but that was the biggest one I could find on my turkey hunt the other night!). Hope it lives up to last years’! I plan to kick things up a notch and use my new culinary torch for my Southern Comfort sweet potatoes. My sister and my mom will be joining me in the kitchen to make foodie magic. So will a few bottles of good wine! I can’t wait!!

Spending the day in the kitchen with family is the best tradition. Ever since I was little, I was allowed to help in Grandma’s kitchen, getting everything ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Now I get to host the day and make memories in my kitchen. It warms my heart and soul.

I can’t wait to cook all day and eat all evening!! Stay tuned for pics, ideas, and how-tos on Turkey Day!! I hope you have a blessed one. I am thankful.

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