Chex Mix at Home

That’s right, not a meal or a fancy food kinda blog today, just a fun, easy unstoppable-popping snack how-to.  I love salty snacks, and chex mix fits the bill for sure. And making it at home is fun because you can control the ingredients. Sure, you can add in pretzels, nuts, cracker bits, even m and ms (post-baking of course), but me?  I just like the Chex. So I start with all three Chex varieties – corn, rice, and wheat. 

Get a big baking pan/cookie sheet and drop about 3/4 stick of butter on it. Pop it in the oven at 300 just til it melts. Meanwhile, make some seasonings. I chopped up fresh rosemary and added some paprika and garlic powder. 

Mix the Chex with whatever proportions of each you want (I used about half a box of each) in a big bowl.  If you want to add in pretzels and peanuts, do so here. 

Drizzle about 1/3 cup Worcester sauce over the mix, add the seasonings, and toss around in the bowl. Try to keep it in the bowl.

Then spread the mix out in the butter pan and stir around to coat as much as you can with the melted butter. My dog usually stands near the counter, inevitably some Chex will drop. Get everything tossed and coated as best you can.  Then I sprinkle on a little soy sauce for an extra kick. If it looks like it needs a little more seasoning, go ahead and add on. 

Bake on 300, stirring about every 10 min, til things look toasty. Bout 30-40 minutes ought to do it. Then turn off the oven and leave it in just a little longer. Don’t let it burn, but a little brown is good. Try to let it cool before diving in. I can’t stop myself with this stuff!! Let it cool a long time on the baking sheet, and once totally cool, I put it in a big ziplock bag to keep it crispy.  By this point there’s only half of it left. 

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