Cauliflower Ricotta Purée 

Ok, this is gonna be a real short one because it’s not about the whole dish, it’s just about one side that was delish. I had to share it with you. I know I’ve previously written of “faux-tatoes” (using cauliflower instead of potatoes for mashed potatoes), but this kicked it up a notch. 

First, boil about two cups of chopped up cauliflower florets. 

Once they’re nice and soft, strain and use an immersion blender to get them mashed down a little. Then add in about two and a half to three tablespoons of ricotta. 

Continue blending with the immersion blender (I love my new one by the way) til nice and smooth. You can season however you like. I added a little butter, lemon oil oil, and some bacon-flavored salt. It was divine! I paired this delicious purée along side some lemony Brussel sprouts and maple glazed salmon. Mmmmm!!!! 

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