Grilled NY Strip and Veggies

It still feels like summer, even though it’s officially fall, so why not keep on grillin?  

I actually don’t mind grilling in the colder weather, but since it was such a beautiful pseudo-summer day, it felt natural to grill last night. On the menu, some nice and thick NY strip steaks and veggies!

I started with some good lookin steaks. 

Grabbed some fresh rosemary and thyme from the garden. 

I chopped up the herbs and added some smoked olive oil, along with some pepper and smoked salt for a quickie marinade. You don’t have to use the smokey stuff, I’ve just been on a smoked flavor kick lately! 

I spread some of the marinade on the steaks, saving some for the veggies too. 

For the veg, I cut up some sweet potatoes into big chunks and spread a little of the herbs and oil on them. 

Rounded out the veggie array with some zucchini and oyster mushrooms. 

Got the grill fired up to a mid-high heat. These veggies take a while, so I put them on well in advance of the steaks.

I used a grill tray with smaller holes so I wouldn’t have to worry about losing and pieces. It’s like a sacrifice to the grill gods when a piece of something falls into the flaming basin. Once the veggies start getting nice and charry, it’s time to get those steaks on. 

I’ve discussed grill marks before. They came out ok this time, not my best work, but passable. In my defense, I’d already had the better part of my second glass of wine and was also fighting off mosquitoes!! Hehe. 

I like my steaks rare, but working with a new grill this summer I’m still not totally used to it and the steaks ended up medium. Which is still ok, long as there’s plenty of pink. And then there was the wine, which slowed my reaction time. I made a Gorgonzola butter for the steaks. Just a couple pats of butter and some Gorgonzola crumbles. 

The veggies were nice and char-grilled and looked great!! Check out this oyster mushroom!

So nice and crispy, yet plump and meaty. The sweet potatoes and zucchini came out great too. A nice grill plate! Get the Gorgonzola butter on the steaks while they’re still hot so the butter melts and mmmmmm…butter. 

The butter got all melts good on top and the juicy steaks just dripped with deliciousness. And have a look inside!! 

We paired it with the rest of a nice Pinot Noir from Lyric by Etude, then cracked open (and ended up finishing!) a bottle from a friend’s home-made wine collection. 

Great evening of grilled goodies and lots of wine!! Still feeling like summer…

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