Gone Fishin’

Ok, so it wasn’t me who actually did the fishing, but I did get to benefit from it!! The hubs reeled in a some, fresh rockfish for me to turn into dinner, and this I did. I started with this nice big filet fresh off the boat (they cut and cleaned your catch for you on the charter! Lucky for me, I didn’t have to clean it, but I would have figured it out!). 

Now that’s a great looking piece of bass. Hehe, nah, it’s rockfish!!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Anyways, I couldn’t wait to get this fish a cookin’. I went with a simple foil packet.  You can use parchment paper if you’re feeling fancy and have some on hand. I cut the filet into two pieces and placed on nonstick foil, doused it in fresh lemon juice, and added some of Spice Cave’s “Sea” seasoning. It’s a lemon pepper blend, with a good peppery kick. 

I sliced up some red onions and orange peppers to cook in the packet as well for some good aromatics. 

Then I placed another piece of foil on top like a tent and pinched all along the sides to make a packet.  Into the oven at 350. I checked at about 15 min, it needed some more time, so for another 10 minutes, I spiralized some zucchini to make fishies a nice bed. 

The sweetness was going to be pineapple, so I drizzled onto the zucchini some delicious white balsamic from Lebherz Oil and Vinegar Emporium (LOVE) rightly called “Pineapple Sunset.” 

Their oils and vinegars are delish!!  I placed fresh pineapple rings on the the zucchini noodle bed and a little fresh ground pepper. 

I had some yummy pineapple salsa I made the other day and sautéed that up while the fish was finishing up.  It’s so exciting when you open a foil packet of steamy goodness like this!!

Fish (if you’re not going sushi-style) is done when it falls apart easily but is still moist. As long as a white-fleshed fish is white when you peek into it with a fork, it’s done. Don’t overcook the fish!! That’s the worst. This was done just right!  I gently placed the filets and the cooked onions and peppers on the bed of zucchini and pineapple and topped it all off with the pineapple salsa. 

I even had a Pinapple IPA by Evolution Craft Breweing to pair with it!! How fortuitous!! 

The freshness of the fish was clear, and the delicate fish flavor effortlessly peeked through the lemon pepper.  

A perfect bite of oceanic goodness!  Thanks to my hot fisherman.  He got a good meal out of all his hard work!! 

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