Simple Weekend Brunch

I actually made this brunch last weekend, but didn’t get a chance to post about it. I thought maybe you’d like to have these breakfasty ideas going into your weekend to perhaps try out!  I made maple bacon, a champignon Brie omelette, and a bowl of berries.  

Here’s a way to make bacon even better – not that it needs to be made better, but if you want to try this out, I promise you it will not disappoint. Provided you like the salty-sweet combo. If not, well, I’ll try to still respect you.  Get the oven heating up to 400 and lay out a layer of bacon on a cooling rack on top of a foil-lined cookie sheet.  Grab a maple syrup – a great one for this is Sugar Bob’s Finest Smoked Maple Syrup. 

Then grind on some black pepper.  You can use a little cayenne if you’d like some heat in there. 

You could go all out and make Ina Garten’s pecan maple bacon, it is truly insane and worth the effort, but this is a quick and easy version. Get it cooking til the bacon is a bakin’. About 20 minutes. During this time, make your omelette. All omelette ingredients are to taste, so pick anything you like! I started with orange peppers and Campari tomatoes. 

Campari tomatoes are a little on the sweeter side in tomato world and they’re a great size – between a cherry and a Roma. I chopped them up with the orange bell pepper. 

I then grabbed some fresh herbs from the garden – some oregano, thyme, and parsley. I’m hoping the herb garden can survive this heat we’ve got going on now. 

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I love fresh herbs so much. I added the herbs, peppers, and tomatoes to a hot pan with a little EVOO.  I saved some of the chopped herbs to sprinkle on top later. 

Sautéed them for a bit. Then I chopped up some fresh spinach. If you add the spinach this early, it cooks down to virtually nothing, so I add it later on once I’ve put the eggs in. 

I beat up six eggs with a little milk and added it to the pan. 

Let the omelette cook a little on the stovetop, then add the spinach. I then added the star of this omelette, some Champignon Brie. This is a Brie cheese with mushrooms in it. So good!! 

I dotted the cheese along the top of the omelette and then finished it off in the oven.  Love this cooper chef pan because in addition to the fact that nothing sticks to it, you can go right from stove top to oven with it. You want to get the omelette so it is just set – jiggle the pan and if nothing moves, that means it’s done. 

Ta-da!  This was so nice and light and delicious. And the bacon finished up about the same time – and came out fabulous!!

Bacon is the best, am I right?  I put together a bowl of blueberries, blackberries, and cherries. I love having fresh fruit with breakfast. 

And there’s your easy weekend brunch! Feel free to vary it up to suit your fancy! 

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