A Lemony Dinner of Rosemary Lemon Chicken and Lemon Glazed Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower 

It’s has been so busy lately that I haven’t been finding enough time to write! I’m still on my bag of lemons and limes, so dinner was another one of my citrus kick ideas: a Rosemary Lemon Chicken with Lemony Brussels and Cauliflower. 

I used lemon for all parts of this dish. And some fresh rosemary from the garden. 

I used some Meyer Lemon Olive Oil by ExtravaGonzo for two purposes – on the Brussel sprouts and cauliflower I was roasting, and also in the pan for the chicken breasts, added in some chopped rosemary. I love this Meyer lemon oil – and don’t even get me started on ExtravaGonzo’s white balsamic. It’s amazing, and coming soon in my next Fancy Food Show reviews (which I swear will be soon!).  

I also squeezed fresh lemon on everything. 

Roasted the veg for a while til nice and crispy and got the chicken searing in the pan on a high heat, then reduced to a low heat and covered for continued stovetop cooking. I had an avocado so I decided to make an avocado sauce to top the chicken with, adding lots more lemon of course. 

I also added some fat free sour cream

And some pepper and smoked olive oil by Holy Smoke. This was an item I was looking for at the food show this (the review including this item and more oils is coming, I promise!). I really like smokey stuff these days!! I think this was the only smoked olive oil I saw there! 

Blended this all up for a smooth avocado lemon smokey sauce. It was delicious. The chicken finished up nicely in its lemon rosemary sautée and simmer. 

I love pan juices and usually pour them into what’s been cooking. This post-cooking created lemon rosemary oil infusion was great!  I also topped the chicken with the avocado sauce. Mmmm. 

I made a lemon glaze to toss the roasted  veggies in with a sweeter tone. Kind of like a sweet lemon aioli.  I started with lemon curd. 

This stuff is so delicious, it’s like that candy lemon heads in a jar, but not quite as sweet. I added a dollop of the avocado sauce for some creaminess and some more of the smoked olive oil.  And some black pepper, this became a great glaze. 

Once the veggies were roasted, I put them in a big bowl and poured this lemon glaze in top, then tossed with reckless abandon. 

Omg, this was sooooo good!! Along side the lemon rosemary chicken, this sweeter glaze complimented the savory version of the lemon in the chicken and avocado sauce just perfectly. 

I added a fresh rosemary sprig and a lavender sprig just to be fancy. 

I think the lemon glazed brussel sprouts and cauliflower may have outshone the chicken!! A definite must-try. Feel free to vary the veggie glaze.  I find that pretty much everything works great on roasted veggies!! 

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