Fresh Lime Kick!

I get into “kicks” with foods and find dishes to highlight the said kick. The other day, I hadn’t grocery shopped in forever due to being here and there (including the food show, reviews still to come I promise!!) so naturally I got a lot of stuff.  One of those items being a big bag of lemons and limes. I usually just buy one or two as needed, but the bag looked enticing. Like a challenge to see what I could do with its contents prior to expiration. Game on lemons and limes! First up, a lime for a nice light salmon dinner. 

I had a peach, a bell pepper, and a nice tomato, so I diced all that up, squeezed on about half of the lime juice and tossed it in a sautée pan to simmer and get juicy. 

I added a hint of sweetness, courtesy of Runamok Maple Syrup, using their Makrut Lime-leaf Infused syrup to stick with the lime theme. 

I got some lovely salmon searing in a pan with lime EVOO and some salt and pepper on the skin.  Remember to start it skin side down and get a nice sear on that yummy skin!

This time I remembered to take a pic of the seared skin! Flip it to the flesh side and cover for maybe two minutes. 

Flip back to the skin side for some final crisping.  I roasted up some brussel sprouts as my side with just some EVOO, salt, and pepper.  Then plated and squeezed on the rest of that fresh lime juice. 

Whenever you’re cooking with citrus, be sure to save some of the fresh fruit for final squeezes over the finished dish!! It really makes it all pop. 

Top with avocado because avocado is great.  And viola!  Easy peasy lime squeezy! 

Stay tuned for more lemon and lime-oriented dishes as I work through that bag! And Fancy Food Show reviews coming hopefully this weekend. 

Life has been busy, but being busy means you’re living life!! 

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