Quick Check-in with some Grilled Shrimp! 

I’m still here, I know it’s been a while. I was at the amazing, spectacular, best show ever – the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC (which I will be writing about shortly). Then I high tailed it out of town for a quick weekender down to NC near Emerald Isle. Made a nice and easy BBQ last night of shrimp, peppers and squash, and some sweet potatoes. But I didn’t do my standard photo chronology since it was a smash and grab job of a good meal for a big group. Sorry! 

First, I left the shells on some nice large shrimp and marinated them in BBQ sauce and black pepper. Easy peasy. 

I let them sit in that while I cut up some green peppers, yellow squash, and sweet potatoes. I put the potatoes in a foil packet and sprinkled with EVOO, salt and pepper, and drizzled on some honey. Salt and peppered the squash and peppers and added some EVOO in another foil packet.  The potatoes take the longest, so get them on the grill first, and the peppers and squash can stay on for a while so they can go on early too.  Got the taters all nice and carmelized. 

With the shrimps in their shells, you can place them right on the grill. Gotta keep a close eye because they cook pretty fast on a mid-high heat. 

They only need a flip or two and then they’re good to go! Get a little char on the shell and done! 

Easy Shrimp BBQ! 

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