Simple Summer Sautée 

This was easy and unplanned. A true case of “what’s in the fridge.” Luckily I still had some goodies from Sunday’s farmer’s market to get things started.  And some chicken thighs for the protein.  I began with some nice summer produce of corn and yellow squash, coupled with some portobellos and red pepper, then a fresh peach for sweetness. 

Chopped it up and grabbed some fresh herbs from the garden – basil, thyme, and parsley. 

I heated up my new favorite all-purpose pan, the Copper Chef (love this thing), with some EVOO and sprinkled a little herb blend on the chicken.  Seared them off just a bit. 

After lightly searing both sides, I added in all the chopped up goodies and tossed around in a sizzle. 

Then I added a sweet red wine. It’s what I had on hand. I know that normally, this might seem to call for a white wine, but I swear this was just as good. 

Don’t be shy on the wine, it’ll reduce a good bit. I also added what I opened to grill with over the weekend for a little more sweetness to this dish. The Sweet Bourbon Glaze from Pepper Palace. 

Stir it all around and leave on a medium heat. Then cover to let it all get happy and juicy together. You’ve got a lot of latitude here to add whatever you like to flavor it. Here I used a red wine and a BBQ sauce, but it would totally work with a white wine and a fruit jam or jelly. 

Let it simmer for about 10 minutes or so. It’s hard to overcook chicken thighs, as I’ve mentioned before, and they always stay so moist, so I had nothing to worry about here. 

Look how nice and juicy!! You can see that juiciness, right?  I wanted to keep it healthy, so I laid down a bed of greens for my base. 

Then topped with chicken and veggies. 

Then added some more fresh herbs and sliced avocado. All summer dishes need avocado, am I right? 

And a close up…mmm

This was so deliciously random, yet it all went together just perfectly. The crunch of the yellow squash, the juicy chicken, the sweet peaches, and the pop of sweet corn. So good!!

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