Mixed Grill!

I couldn’t decide what to grill between chicken thighs or pork tenderloin. So what’s the answer? Both, of course! That’s usually the best answer.  And veggies to accompany, kabob style. 

I marinated the chicken and pork in a Sweet Bourbon Glaze by Pepper Palace. It’s one of those really easy marinades where you don’t have to add anything else. I gravitate to these kinds of great one-stop-shop marinades or rubs when I’m cooking for more than just the two of us in order to save some prep time. 

I let the meat marinate in the fridge in a gallon ziplock for about and hour or so.  Use plenty of the marinade, I usually pour any leftover on the meat while flipping on the grill. I got a little fancy with the veggies and kabobed them. Not so easy to cut corn into chunks and skewer, but it looked good!

You have to use the thicker wooden skewers to do the corn so they can hold the weight. 

I par-boiled a few red bliss potatoes so they’d grill up with the rest of the veggies.  Threaded with zucchini, green pepper, and grape tomatoes, all relatively easy to skewer. You can skewer plenty of things, so get creative here!! Mushrooms are good too, but I ran out of room in my pattern. Got the grill goin hot and loaded it up!

Really loaded it up!

Chicken thighs, as I’ve mentioned, are great to grill because they stay so juicy!! 

Turn a few times to get good grill marks and pour on any leftover marinade at each turn for extra flavor. Same with the pork, just takes a little longer because the tenderloins were bigger, but they didn’t take long.  I close the grill for a couple minutes between turns. 

Oh how I love those grill marks!!  Once the veggies started browning, I got them to the top rack so they wouldn’t burn. As you know with grillin, you cannot leave your post!  Once the meat is done, take it off the grill and let it rest for a minute before cutting up the tenderloin.  This seals in the juices. 

I sliced the tenderloin into thick chunks and left the small chicken thighs in tact. 

Everything stayed so nice and juicy, I didn’t need to add a sauce!! Yay! Isn’t grilling grand??  I’m sure there will be plenty more grilling posts throughout the summer!! 

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