Charleston, South Carolina: Part One

Charming.  You feel it immediately.  That Southern Charm. The “yes, Sir” and “yes Ma’am” is something this Yankee always gets a smile out of hearing. So much so that I even say it quite a good bit myself.  And it abounds here.  The soul of the south runs deep, and the breezes off the water carry it gently across this peninsula that is Charleston. 

We are staying at the Belmond Charleston Place. It’s a lovely property set in the middle of the downtown area, a short walk from everything.  It’s elegance is subtle, fresh flowers and a cascading double staircase, but not pretentious. 

The room is comfortable, we got an upgrade included with the package, not huge, but very well appointed and, of course, charming. 

Our welcome amenity was a great treat, (one of the benefits of booking through Chase Sapphire Reserve’s Luxury Hotel Collection, ok, now that sounds pretentious)!! Fruit and cheese and WINE!!

Now that’s what I call a welcome!! I’m going to put a pin in the dinner we had our first night at the Charleston Grill and come back to that because, spoiler alert, it was amazing.  

Our first day was great. Lots of walking, happened to be here during the Spoleto Festival, a series music and arts events held annually in the US and Italy.  We walked the outdoor free options of tents holding artwork and crafts and perused the farmers market.  It’s not cool to take pics of the artwork, so of course I refrained, but it sure was nice to look at! 

Hot, yes it is here in June.  Dress accordingly.  Luckily we happened to stumble across what appeared to be an ice cream truck, but better – booze pops!  How refreshing. We definitely needed something icy to quell the heat and humidity.  

Frozen martinis!  A nice icy grown up treat to stroll around with for a few minutes!  We walked all around town the first day, enjoying the architecture and old southern style of the city. 


I love the window boxes overflowing with flowers!!

We worked up a solid appetite and I was super excited for dinner our first night at the Charleston Grill, a fabulous restaurant in our hotel. Coming next…!!!

2 thoughts on “Charleston, South Carolina: Part One

  1. Love your pictures! They really provide a flavor (pun intended of course) of how charming this city is. Starting with the panoramic view of the waterfront city scape and then leading to the details of the place you stayed and foods you tried. Thank you Go Girl for a taste of Charleston! Hope you share this with their Chamber of Commerce because I’d not have thought of visiting Charleston till now that I’ve enjoyed your blog. Oh, and wait…… you said this is just Part One?!?!?!

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