Nice Rack…of Lamb!

This one may look fancy, but it’s quite simple. Buy one rack of lamb and get confident that you can do this!

I usually season the meat ahead of time to marinate, so I grabbed some fresh rosemary from my yard, a little black pepper, and a Napa spice blend (you don’t have to be strict here – simple seasonings like garlic, thyme, oregano are all fine).  Season generously on both sides.

Then drizzle on a little EVOO and wrap it up in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge to marinate for a couple hours.

Take it out about 15 minutes or so before you’re ready to cook, like as long as it takes you to prep your side dish (Brussels in my case).  I did a simple roasted Brussel sprouts here – cut in quarters, sprinkle with some salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil.

Roast these guys at 400 til they’re browned and crispy. Mm!  Now getting back to that rack!  I’m really digging this copper pan since nothing sticks to it, plus it looks pretty.

Place the rack in fat side down first and let that fat sear in the flavor. Sear on a mid-high heat for about 4 minutes on each side.

Then lower the temp in the oven to 350.  It’s easiest if you use a pan like this that can just go right into the oven.

While the lamb is in the oven (only about 10 minutes in here), prep your mushroom sauce and pistachios. Dice up the mushrooms

and toss in a pan with some Truffle oil, let them get a little browned and then add red wine, just enough to cover the bottom and then a little more for good luck.

Let this bubble on a medium heat and reduce to a nice rich shroom sauce, it’ll happen. Crush up the pistachios – I wrap them in plastic and then bang them with a meat pounder (the flat side) or a crab mallet. 

Take the lamb out, let it rest a couple minutes. 

Then, slice it into chops between the bones. Sounds so barbaric.  If it’s a little underdone like mine was (well, for some, I probably would have been ok with it this rare, but I wanted to show you it’s ok it you took it out of the oven a smidge too soon!) put it back in the pan over a high heat for just a minute on each side.

Now it’s ready to plate up! Place them nicely aside the Brussels (I made them a little bed of spinach just for looks) and then top with the mushrooms in wine and the crushed pistachios nuts.

Ok, so I couldn’t help but think I still needed to drizzle something on top. This is NOT a necessity, just something I often can’t resist. I had a dark chocolate balsamic that I thought would be lovely on here and I couldn’t resist.

There we go! Voila!

And a little closer in…

The lamb was deliciously seasoned, done just the right temp after the last minute, post-bake sear.  This was a great plate. I love adding the pistachios for a little nutty crunch with the tender, savory meat.  Try this at home – you’ll really impress your dinner mate, but most importantly, you’ll impress yourself that you can pull this off!!

Enjoyed best with a good red wine, I selected a Pinot Noir (same one is splashed in the mushroom sauce).

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