OBX and BBQ Nachos

Having just returned from the Outer Banks, naturally all I’m thinking about is when I can get back there. This has been my beach getaway for over 30 years, our family destination where it’s all about the beach and the family. Such was the case this time too, and the weather was spectacular.

Spring in OBX is always risky weather-wise. For some years during spring break, we would be bundled in winter coats fighting the driving wind and being pelted by sand on the beach, some years we were driven indoors by torrential downpours (card games galore, not a bad thing!). But this year, the heavens shone down in perfect harmony for a glorious song of sun and sea breeze to the tune of a perfect 70 degrees.  From our morning walks on the beach with the sun rays illuminating the water’s gentle crests…

To the moon rising over the ocean’s vastness…

(yes,this was a full moon!!), the Outer Banks beach is an awesome vacation. And we always have fun with food down there!  One thing I put together that I had to write to you about (unfortunately I didn’t get many pics) was the repurposing of some leftover Carolina BBQ pulled pork.

I love chips and salsa with a Corona at the beach. One of the “musts” for me there. So I thought, hmm, what if I thin out the pork a bit with some BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Ray’s is my favorite for this) and make BBQ-style nachos? Ok!!

I placed down a layer of chips, then smeared a good coating of the pulled pork and BBQ sauce and crumbled blue cheese on it. Then another layer of chips, topped with mozzarella cheese, BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, tomatoes, and spinach.

I baked this gooey mess in the oven until everything melted and smelled divine. You could probably add other stuff like onions or green peppers and add more layers, but I was just working with what I had.

This was such a hit – I should have made like ten times more.  It will surely have many more appearances, most likely at some summer BBQs!! Ooh it’s just about that time of year!! Definitely try this nacho variation.  If you like BBQ and blue cheese, you’ll absolutely love this!

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