Apple Bacon BBQ Sauce and one-stop-shop Spice Blend 

So this one isn’t so much a “how to,” but if you’ve read my blog, you already know how to sear salmon and roast veggies. And with two products, you can kick this dish up sky high.

I went to the Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ festival this past weekend to try out, well, all of those things. I found a lot of old friends, but met a new one – Tipsy Foods.  Their sauces, dressings, and salsas are all infused with beer, wine, or alcohol.  Hello!! Of course I had to know more. I tried several samples, but as you know, I like to get these things home to the kitchen and really put them to the test in one of my dishes. I bought several, but had to start first with their newest product, their Apple Bacon Brew BBQ sauce.

At first, I naturally thought of pork, but I decided to take the road less traveled and go with salmon. This was a fine road, so fine. The sauce is deliciously sweet and with little bits of bacon, it hits all the right chords. You can truly taste the apple. I like a sweeter sauce for savory proteins, but one that still lets the fresh flavor of the salmon (in this case) shine through.  This Apple Bacon Brew BBQ served that purpose perfectly.  All I did was salt and pepper the skin side of the salmon, sear it off as usual for a good crisp, flip once, then plate and smother this sauce on top. Wow!! Tipsy Foods nailed it with this BBQ sauce. I’ll soon be trying it in other proteins – and just in time for grilling season!

For the veggies, I cut up some zucchini, mushrooms, red pepper and asparagus. 

I used a great one-stop-shop seasoning from Spice Cave – the “Wind” blend. I blogged about these products a while back when I discovered their foursome of seasonings (Wind, Fire, Sea, and Land) at the Summer Fancy Food Show.  I have used them plenty ever since then when I just needed an already-put-together spice blend. “Wind” and “Sea” are my faves.

With these two products – the Apple Bacon BBQ and the Wind spice blend, this dish was ridiculously easy and incredibly delicious!! Thanks to Tipsy Foods and the Spice Cave for making it great!

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