Super Simple Steak and ‘Shrooms

If Mother Nature is as loco in your neck of the woods (where you’re wearing shorts and tshirts last weekend and then wake up to snow today) as she is here, you may not be into making grill plans these days. Normally, I like grilling my steaks, but this easy peasy indoor version is great. 

I only used four ingredients for the steak and mushrooms: pepper, olive oil, red wine, and herbed butter. I had a big, thick hunk of NY Strip that would be perfect for this and a box of baby bellas that needed a dish. First, pepper the steak. 

Then rinse the shrooms (I know, people say just to brush off the dirt) and cut in half. Set aside. Get the oven up to 375. 

You’ll want a nice hot pan to sear a good peppery crust on the steak, just a light coating of EVOO on the steaks as you’re about to sear them. 

These ones were really thick. I need thick steaks because I always have to admire the perfect doneness in its lovely red layers and say “wow, that’s done just right!” I like rare to mid-rare. Sear each side for about 2-3 minutes. 

Then place in an oven safe dish and finish them in the oven for 10-12 minutes while you make the shrooms. For a steak about 2.5 inches thick, this ought to get you to mid-rare (see cut-into pic below). Now heat up a little EVOO in the pan, pour in about half a cup of good red wine, and get the shrooms in. 

The shrooms are like little sponges and are the perfect vessel to carry a good wine through the dish. Get them bubbling a little to reduce down the wine. 

Then add in a butter compound (I have a great garlic and herb butter from Whole Foods, but they’re pretty easy to make yourself – butter, herbs, garlic). Let the sauce simmer while you tend to the steaks and get ready to plate. I had some arugula handy so I put that down as a bed and sprinkled a little Asiago on top of it. 

Time to get those steaks out! A dollop of the herb butter on top will lusciously melt all over that hot steak. 

Then get the shrooms on top of all that. 

Pour the wine sauce over everything. I love sauce. And notice the portion – I actually used just one large strip steak and cut it to two portions. I don’t need a steak bigger than six ounces, four is even better to savor. Usually my veggie portion takes up more of the plate than my protein. I think this is what they say is good for healthy eating. It feels right. 

Cut in to check the doneness and say “wow, that’s the perfect doneness.”  Out loud or to yourself. I always say it out loud of course. 

Wait, this one is better…

Layers of red and pink for a great hunk of steak!! Be sure to pair it with a great red wine. I had a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon from a small production vineyard in Calistoga, Harris Vineyards. It’s lusciously sexy!  And cook with great ones too, makes the dish even better!!

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