The Bubbly! Champagne, Prosecco, bubbles and babbles. 

I’ve been off the grid for a little bit (getting over a bug so haven’t been doing much fancy cooking), so I thought I’d just blog about something simple today. Champagne. I often focus more on the “eat” part of my blog and I’ve written plenty about drinks in context, but I wanted to just give a separate shout out to champagne.  Or “the Bubbly,” if you will. 

I love getting a split of champagne at restaurants. It’s like getting a personal pizza. A personal champagne. Mine all mine. This is a great deal – the restaurants don’t have to pop a bottle and let it go flat (oh the humanity!) and you’re getting yourself almost two glasses. I definitely recommend ordering one when you see it on the menu and it’s usually the same price as the wines by the glass. 

Ok, so I know that you can only call it real champagne if it’s truly from the Champagne region of France.  But I call white wines with sparkles, a.k.a. BUBBLES, “champagne.” Or Prosecco.  I’m absolutely certain I’m not alone on this. I don’t judge and don’t mind if I’m judged. 

I’ve tried the best…yes, it’s great. Moët, Dom, Veuve. But sometimes a $10 bottle of fizz is just as great when we’re busy being real people.  But hey, if you can afford the real deal on random occasions (and when one bottle won’t do), well done!  We all call things by the wrong name sometimes, hopefully not loved ones or lovers, but it happens.  I digress. I really just like the bubbly. Some are better than others, I’m not a fan of the really sweet ones. And it’s a great draw – we have all gone to places solely because they offered free champagne (right?).  It’s like when random clubs in college offered free pizza. I never wonder why/how I gained the freshmen 15 in college. But I’m older and classier now, one must entice me with champagne these days!

One reason I like the bubbly is because it is good alone or with pretty much anything. When we can’t decide what to drink, we open a bottle of champagne. Of course it is the best drink to pair with some eats, like oysters!!

The briney ocean and the bubbly sweet and dry are a match made in heaven. Turns out it’s also great with pizza if you don’t go straight for the beer (and I do like beer, but I could go both ways on this). 

And you can add things to champagne, like raspberries!! 

One of my faves is Prosecco and peach purée, also known as a Bellini. 

Both “Prosecco” and “Champagne” are words with great mouthfeel. They’re inherently sexy to say, right?  Go on, say them with a little smile. No one’s looking. Or if they are, who cares?  Anyhoo… You can even add other alcohol to kick things up a notch – yes, there are plenty of cocktails that include champagne.  I think I mentioned in my New Years Eve blog (where a significant amount of champagne was consumed) how we splashed in some flavored vodkas (vanilla, berry, peach) after a few hours of plain champagne. 

And I cook with it too!! I used it recently in a sauce for shrimp with lemon. I find it even better that white wine sometimes, try it out next time you’re making a dish that calls for white wine! Basically, the bubbles are all purpose. 

Always keep a bottle in the fridge for a champagne emergency. Or a Tuesday. 


3 thoughts on “The Bubbly! Champagne, Prosecco, bubbles and babbles. 

  1. I enjoyed your Bubbly blog this morning! Like an intermezzo kind of necessary side bar (pun intended) conversation to compliment your delicious food posts and whet the appetite for your next travel blog!! Thanks as always, GoGirl♥️


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