Vegas 2017: Part Two

I left off at Super Bowl game time, so I’ll pick up there.  In a minute. First, I do want to assure you that I’ve spent a lot of time in Vegas and decided to recount the hotels I’ve stayed in as confirmation of such: Luxor, MGM Grand, Planet Hollywood, Venetian, Palazzo, Caesars, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, and Aria. Some of these more than once. So I feel comfortable saying that I know Vegas.  I do to party as hard out there as I used to, but it’s still a great place for all tastes. Since this is my first year in Vegas as a “blogger,” I’m going to throw in some random pics of good stuff from years past in Vegas right about here, is that ok?

From Herringbone at Aria last year (the Seafood tower):

The Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan (this is a great place to hang out, especially if you’ve always wondered what it would be like to sit inside a giant crystal chandelier!):

Outside of the Venetian (I have been to the rea Venice, it’s a nice replica):

Grand Canyon day trip from Vegas (only about a two hour ride to the West Rim and totally worth it!! I could write a while on this, but I’ll leave it highly recommended as a day trip):

Oh man I have so many great pics from so many great trips out to Vegas. I’ll stop here.  Moving forward. Or back…to this trip – Vegas 2017. 

I’ve never had any real luck with gambling except the very first time I went and played craps. Now I just can’t math fast enough to play anything besides roulette (since you don’t have to do anything with the numbers besides bet on them).  And the last few times I’ve been out there, I have had no luck. That’s why the Falcons lost, I’m sorry, it’s because I bet on them.  Anyhoo, back to this year’s goodies. 

We watched the first half and the half time show (Gaga was fab) with pizza and beer and then had a craving for frozen yogurt. Lo and behold! A Pinkberry on our way back toward our hotel!  The chocolate hazelnut was devine and totally hit the spot for a sweet treat during the second half, watching from our beautiful living room in the suite. And the game was wild!!  Got so comfy in the room that we decided to stay in and just chill for the evening. Yes, we had a chill night in Sin City. Hey, it wasn’t  my first time out here.  Do what feels right, and enjoying that beautiful room and the super soft and comfy bed FELT RIGHT!! Ahhh. 

Monday was spa day. We used to spa on arrival, but realized it was so much better after a day or two of body damage!  We hit the gym first and then used everything the spa had to offer – the indoor whirlpools, the steam rooms, and the outdoor whirlpool that had a beautiful view of the mountains. Aria has a really nice spa, lots of rooms and not too cramped so that even when it’s kind of crowded, it’s not bad. Other spas I like best are the ones at Cosmo (nice women’s only areas) Venetian (run by Canyon Ranch) and MGM (the best hot stone massage I ever had). We always do a spa day and relish in a full body massage to rejuvenate for more Vegas-ing.  Spaaaaaaah. 

After spa came some shopping at the Miracle Mile stores and Caesars Forum shops. Mainly just window shopping this time, but I’ve had a few good sunglasses purchases out there in the recent past. And I always think I’m going to buy some cool art, but never actually do. Moving on, this isn’t a shopping blog. We planned to hit up STK at the Cosmopolitan for their happy hour Monday evenings from 5:30-7. Great small bites for $10 and Belvedere cocktails for $8. How could we resist that?

The ambiance at STK was great!  Nice lighting (purple is great!), good music, nice bartenders, and good eats!! We ordered the waygu sliders and Truffle Parmesan fries and the oysters on the happy hour menu. 

Weekdays are filled with good deals at nice places. It was tough to pick just one. After happy hour at STK (I heard the steaks were great. I’ve done Craftsteak at MGM a couple times and they had some excellent steaks! The hanger and the filet were both fabulous), we played a little roulette and then made our way back to the Alibi Lounge at Aria where ladies drink free champagne Monday nights. Who can say no to champagne?  And free!  Not I.  Enjoyed the sights and sounds and bubbles for a little bit and called it a great day!! 

Ah, but wait!! What’s better at midnight than being able to get pizza!! We had our eyes on the joint at Aria, Five50 Pizza (secret pizza at Cosmo is good too). And yes!! They were open and serving AMAZING pizza. It was heavenly and the best way to close out another great Vegas trip!! I wish I had gotten pics of the pizza, but I housed it before I even thought about that. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Nothing hits the spot like pizza when you’ve been avoiding carbs for weeks!! 

Our last stop before leaving for the airport was Todd English’s PUB in the Aria where I was thrilled to find one of my fave brews – Dragon’s Milk by New Holland – on draft. 

This stout is a deliciously chocolate, bourbon-tasting beer that is a must if you like dark beers.  Time to head off to the airport in style (limos come with the suites at Aria). 

So Vegas, we had a great time again with you in 2017. This may or may not be the only time I’m out there in 2017. Got my eyes on a fall trip too!  

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