Breakfast Pots

For an intermezzo between Vegas blogs, here’s a nice little morning dish I put together today. It felt sooooo great to sleep in, I think I slept for nearly ten hours. I love sleep. Back into reality from my Vegas trip, this was my first chance to sleep in. And to. Are a nice leisurely breakfast for me and the hubs. I had an idea. I wasn’t sure what to call what I made, so I’m just calling them breakfast pots. They were so easy and came out both beautiful and delicious!!

I used shallow ramekins, about five inches in diameter. I think they’re creme brûlée dishes actually. But they were perfect to execute the idea I had. 

I wanted it to feel like that yummy fig and prosciutto flatbread we had at Olives in the Bellagio in Vegas, but in breakfast style. I grabbed four eggs and got going. 

I had a bunch of baby Bella mushrooms on hand and chopped them up to mix into the eggs. 

To the egg and mushroom mix, I added baby arugula and a little truffle salt and then poured into the two ramekins. I topped each ramekin with Asiago. 

 I found some speck at Wegmans – which is very, very similar to prosciutto, but it was a little cheaper. I had to look up the difference because to taste, it was hard to distinguish. I’d say maybe speck is a little firmer and smokier than prosciutto and prosciutto is a little saltier, but otherwise very similar. 

Don’t they look the same?  I cut the speck into slices and gently placed atop the pots. I also dabbed a little bit of Tait Farms Fig and Honey Conserve on top just to remind me of those flatbreads. Yes, this may sound weird in an eggy kinda thing, but it worked. 

A little cracked pepper on top. I love layering things like this!  Baked on 350 for about 15-20 minutes until the eggs set and the toppings looked ever so crisped. Mmmm!

How great does that look?  For some added nutrients and goodness, I served with a side of fresh blackberries and blueberries. 

Berries are so good for you, blueberries in particular are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. And with all the winter germs going around, get all the sources of goodness you can!! A healthy and delicious breakfast that was so easy with the help of a little creativity!!

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