Saucy Salmon 

This is going to be a quick post just like the dinner.  20 minutes start to finish. Find a one-stop-shop sauce or marinade, and your dish is easy as pie! Try this one: Williams Sonoma’s Maple Mesquite BBQ Sauce. 

I didn’t have time to grill, but this sauce made me feel like I did!! I had some salmon that needed to be cooked and thought – why not?  BBQ’d anything is good!  So I seared up the salmon. 

Got a good crisp on the skin, just a little pepper on each side.  One flip, cover for a minute, then done. I had some red pepper and spinach on hand for the veg. 

I sautéed the pepper and spinach and then tossed in some of the BBQ sauce. Plated everything up, added a couple chunks of pineapple. In case you didn’t know already, pineapple goes great with BBQ and you can grill it too!!  I lacquered the salmon with the BBQ sauce and done. 

Easy peasy!! I even made some minute rice for the hubs (not me, carb-free this week) and he was like “wow this rice is great!” I confessed that all I did was put a little of the BBQ sauce in it and mixed it around!  

All it takes is one good mixer like this sauce (or the Truffle Mustard I’ve raved about in previous posts, or a whole spice like the Asian Smoked Tea rub from my last salmon posting) to set a dish to music and make it sing!!  Pick your protein and get saucy!  This sauce would work on anything. 

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