Cauliflower Rice: A Bed for Stir Fry

When your trying to be “lite fare,” every carb counts. I like to find cheats that actually feel like the real deal, and pretending cauliflower is rice is a pretty good one!  Around this, I made stir fry veggies and Asian tea-smoked salmon with peanut sauce. 

Many of the ingredients here are interchangeable. Use the veggies you like, swap out the salmon for chicken or tofu, you know – make it your own. I hope my dishes encourage you to creatively deviate, as I don’t generally make them exclusive to the ingredients with precise portions. 

To rice up the cauliflower, I used a cheese grater. You could probably do it faster in a food processor. 

To cook it, just nuke it for about two minutes covered with plastic wrap. Boom, done. Then top it with whatever!! This time, I made a lovely veggie medley!

Get a hot pan going with sesame oil and soy sauce.  When making veggies, you want to add them to the pan according to how long they need to cook for the perfect doneness. So, you add the carrots first because they take longest. The water chestnuts can cook forever and they still stay crispy! I love them. I don’t know what they are really or whether they go in anything besides Chinese food, but I love them. They soak in the flavor like a sponge and have a great crunch that really makes your stir fry sing. 

I also added in the broccoli stems because they can cook a bit too. I never used to use the stems, but turns out I was missing out. They’re great! I then added in the red peppers and green beans. 

I added the broccoli florets last and here’s the trick to getting them really green: Put them in the pan and then cover the pan to let them steam just for a minute or two. See the difference?

Then toss them around with the other veggies to get saucy. I like the veggies still crisp, so I don’t cook for too long in the sauce.  For the salmon, I used a great spice from Whole Spice in Napa that I’ve tried before, the Asian smoked tea rub. 

This is truly a “whole spice” in that you don’t need any other seasoning for a good flavor. And it smells like tea!  Sear up the salmon as usual. 

To make the sauce, I use a peanut butter powder (takes the fat out instead of using real peanut butter). 

Then to liquify it, you can use water or you can use white wine, orange soda, or basically anything that works. I used an orange soda, then added some Mike’s Hot Honey and a little soy sauce.  

I made mine a little spicier with some Sriracha. I love this stuff. It really heats up a sauce nicely. Just a little bit goes a long way, though, so be careful!! 

Ready to plate!

I served up the sauce separately to add at one’s leisure. I also just got these cute metal cups and wanted to use them!!  Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top and viola!! 

A healthy, very low-cal and low-carb delicious stir fry dinner!!  

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