Truffle Times Three! Truffle Chicken and ‘Shrooms

Ok, maybe this was truffle overload…said no foodie ever.

 I love truffle flavor, which you probably already know from reading prior posts, based on how often I use truffle oil instead of regular olive oil. This time, I happened to have three truffle-infused ingredients, which was all it took to make this simple dish sing!

I didn’t even use salt and pepper!! Starting with a chicken breast and oyster mushrooms (I love these guys), I commenced truffling. The shrooms just received a drizzle of the truffle oil. 

Popped them in the oven to roast til the outer petals (are they petals on these mushrooms? Seems ok to call them that) are good and crispy. I had roasted oyster mushrooms at Craftsteak in Vegas once that were heavenly and have been trying to recreate them ever since! Mine are pretty good. They take about 30 min on 375 to get good and roasty. Truffle oil is the obvious choice for roasting mushrooms. Umami galore! Some say things “infused” with truffles are no where near the real thing. But if you don’t have real truffle income at your disposal, I think these items are just fine. Especially when you find truffle oil at Home Goods for only like $7, you can afford to truffle generously. The next truffle ingredient was one I found at Olivier in Napa last week. 

This tangy, truffly deliciousness would be perfect to slather on the chicken. I added a little truffle oil just for the baking. 

Then I smeared it all over the chicken breasts. “Smeared,” such a good word. I always think of the line in the movie “The Birdcage” when Robin Williams’ character is teaching Nathan Lane’s character how to behave more manly. “Men smear.”  You have to see it. Anyways, get the chicken covered woth the truffle mustard. 

Then bake along side the shrooms til it’s all done! The chicken only takes about 10 min on each side, I cut the breasts down to only about 3/4 inch thick. The mustard makes them uber juicy!! 

Then grab the third truffle ingredient – the truffle glaze. It’s a balsamic vinegar, syrup-consistency glaze with truffle flavor in it. I use this a lot on veggies, or even steak. It goes on anything you’d use balsamic with. 

Plate and drizzle on the glaze! 

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