Simple Sesame Salmon and Veggies

This is a light, healthy, and easy dish with the right ingredients. 

…and a handy little tool to spiralize. You can go with a fancy high-end spiralizer or the “as seen in tv” Veggetti (you can get it at Bed Bath and Beyond for around $15). I like how easy to use and clean the Veggetti is. I’ve tried the others. 

Pretty “zoodles!!” Zucchini noodles, that is. Then I added some asparagus that I just peeled down with a peeler and few chopped up carrots into a pan with sesame oil and light soy sauce and ginger. 

Toss around on a med-high heat for about 7 minutes, then add some broccoli. Hint – if you cover broccoli, it streams it and keeps it bright green. 

Next on to the salmon. I seasoned the skin side with pepper and ginger and the flesh side with sesame seeds. 

Heat up the pan and sear skin side down on med-high heat for 4-5 minutes, then flip to the flesh side on a med-low heat and cover for about 3-4 minutes. 

You can flip it back to the skin side if it’s not crispy enough. But just for another minute or two. 

I made a peanut sauce with powdered peanut butter, soy sauce, Mike’s Hot Honey, and – this is gonna sound weird – tangerine soda. 

For the sweet, you can be very creative here. I happened to have this soda in the fridge, but you can splash in OJ, white wine, apple juice… And the peanut butter powder (est. two heaping teaspoons) is awesome – it’s peanut butter without all the fat! Add liquids to it and boom, great peanut sauce!! The consistency and proportions is up to you, more soy obviously makes it saltier, more honey and juice makes it sweeter. 

Voila!  Plate the salmon and veggies. 

Then spoon on the peanut sauce generously and sprinkle on some sesame seeds (good source of calcium, btw)! 

This was a great light dish with lots of flavor and nutrients. Totally hit the spot!! You can vary the veggies and really be creative on this one. 

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