Flavor in a Pinch…

If you’ve been reading the blog, you probably know by now that I love to chop up all my fresh herbs and other ingredients by hand. But this weekend at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Expo in DC, a found a great product for flavor in a pinch. 

These flavor bombs really pack a punch of enough herbs and flavor to round out your dish with little to no additions. I got a bunch at the show, but they are available in a few stores and online http://www.flavorbombs.net. The proprietor, the Gourmet Goddess, is also adorably friendly and passionate about her product. I love talking to people about what they’ve created and watch their eyes glow as they talk about it. 

So last night, I tried one out because I was in a pinch to make a quick dinner (well, quick on the finishing end, as I let the oven do the work on the spaghetti squash while I went for a pre-dinner run!). 

I’m going super light this week to gear up for utter indulgence in Napa this weekend (aaahhhhh!!!), so dinner fell in line with that plan. I roasted up a spaghetti squash and some asparagus and mushrooms. 

Roast the squash for about 30 min on 350 (I had to slow down the roast a little since I was leaving for a bit), then add in the asparagus and shrooms for another 10 to 15 minute at 375. Scrape out the spaghetti squash with two forks – I find this the best way to do it. 

Ok, I’m ready to try the flavor bomb!  I chose the garlic, pignoli and cheese variety (they come in several different flavors). I love pignolis a.k.a. pine nuts. Always have. My mom got them for us when we were little and I just thought they were so yummy!! Now they’re sooo expensive, you have to find stores that don’t know what other stores charge and maybe you can get them for a good deal. But I digress!  By now, the frozen flavor bomb is thawed plenty to toss easily (they come frozen, but mostly thaw in 30 min on the counter). 

It was easy to toss around into the squash so I just made sure it was all evenly coated. Smelled great!!! Now to plate!

The flavors were fresh and perfectly paired with the spaghetti squash, asparagus and mushrooms. I added a little extra Parmesan cheese because I’m a fan of the feeling that you can never have too much cheese. It was a deliciously light and flavorful dish, thanks to the Gourmet Goddess’s Flavor Bomb!! 

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