Last of the Thanksgiving Leftovers: Cabbage Roulades

I have made several great meals from the Thanksgiving spread, for which I am thankful! Packed up the last of the turkey for lunch today, a bittersweet moment. 

Why is it that we don’t make meals like this more than once a year? The scale is the answer, in my house anyways. That was brutal. But I digress, my last repurposing of the Thanksgiving Leftovers was a cool, creative, and totally new one I’d never tried. Thanksgiving Roulades. Cabbage-wrapped turkey and sweet potatoes, then all of it wrapped in prosciutto and slathered with cranberry sauce. 

I started with a micro cabbage, I find these in Wegmans. They are wrapped in a plastic that you can steam in the microwave and it comes out perfect. I’ve learned that I love cabbage, by the way, when prepared like this. It’s also very healthy! Bonus!!

 I laid slices of the prosciutto down on non-stick foil (this is a must in the kitchen) and then started the roulades. 

The steamed cabbage cups form the perfect vessel for stuffing basically anything into. I started with a layer of mashed sweet potato. 

Then another layer of cabbage, then more sweet potato and some turkey. 

I spread the sweet potato out from the cabbage onto the prosciutto to prepare a glue for when I rolled them up. This worked great!! Mashed potatoes as glue – not surprising. I gently rolled up each construction and it stayed together beautifully. 

Baked at 375 til the edges were browned and prosciutto looked crispy. About 20 minutes. 

Had to have a topper, and what better on this than the rest of the cranberry sauce?!?

This came out so great and everything stayed together!! I love it when a roll stays together!! That’s not cheese peeking out, that’s the sweet potato under the cabbage leaves – cool huh?  

Ahhh, this was blissfully delicious. And yet sad to see the last of Thanksgiving go…

Fear not! More great dishes to come and a special trip to Napa coming soon, so stay tuned!! 

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