Thanksgiving Leftovers: Part 3 – It’s not just the turkey!!

There’s more leftover after the big day than just the turkey. This morning, I had an idea for the stuffing and sweet potatoes that were still hanging around. 

Breakfast!! What? Yes, breakfast.  The ingredients board today is basically just the stuff that was already made during the meal, but wait til you see how I repurposed it! 

I had the idea to thinly slice the stuffing like bread and toast it up as the vessel by which the eggs and sweet potatoes would be carried. 

Sautée the slices in the pan until you get a little crisp on each side. 

Then beat up some eggs, add a little milk (I always add some milk to my eggs when I’m beating them), and a couple tablespoons of the mashed sweet potatoes!

Cook up the eggs omlette style and add some of the fresh parsley that seems to be multiplying in the fridge!

I spread some mashed sweet potatoes on the toasted slices of stuffing. 

Then plated the sweet potato eggs on top!

Finish with a couple sausage links…

And ta-da!! Another easy meal of repurposed Thanksgiving leftovers!! 

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