Thanksgiving Leftovers!

The first day after, everything remained intact and I just ate it all in its original glory. But today, I wanted to turn on more than just the microwave, so I did a little repurposing for breakfast. 

Turns out we used all the eggs yesterday for French toast for all who stayed over after the big meal, so I just made a real simple turkey hash, sans eggs, for breakfast. 

I chopped up some turkey, the onions from inside the turkey, and tossed in some mashed potatoes. Let it sautée a bit til a little crispy on the bottom. Then I added some fresh parsley. 

Mixed it all in the pan til nice and mushy and crispy and hashy!

Delish breakfast with Thanksgiving flavors!  If you’re lucky enough to have eggs this morning, try added them!! I’ll get eggs today and tomorrow I’ll make my turkey omlettes! 

Tonight I’ll make a good repurposed leftover dinner!! Can’t wait to see what that’s gonna be! 

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