Repurposing Thanksgiving Leftovers: Part 2 – Buffalo Turkey!

Tonight it was Buffalo Turkey over roasted cauliflower and broccoli. I was conceptualizing this while doing some holiday shopping today and it was so easy! Here’s my new feature, the ingredients board:

I got the cauliflower and broccoli cut up and spread on a baking sheet, drizzled with EVOO, salt and pepper, and popped into the oven at 400.  

The buffalo turkey was simple – start with chopping up about two big handfuls of leftover turkey. 

Then soften half a brick of cream cheese, mix the turkey into that with some chopped parsley (had lots of this leftover too), and add a little heavy cream (only had this in the fridge because of Thanksgiving) and add the buffalo sauce. I LOVE Sweet Baby Ray’s Buffalo Wing Sauce. 

Mix it together and then add shredded cheddar, about half a cup. 

Sprinkle the another half cup of cheddar on top and then pop it in the oven with the veggies. 

Bake til the veggies are browned on the edges and the Buffalo turkey mix is bubbly!!

Spoon the turkey generously on top of the veggies and add some parsley for pretty!

Make your eating partner tell you when he’s got a good photo op of a stringy melty cheesy forkful!

Viola! Repurposing the leftover turkey into something totally non-Thanksgiving! This was soooo yummy! 

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