Girls Night! And Pomegranates 

Had a few lovely ladies over last night for drinks, apps, and “Bad Moms.” Not that we watched much of the movie between gabbing about the greats eats and drinks we made and other girl talk!  We made some good stuff… of course it kicked off with a seasonal cocktail!

The Cider-Tini, which I made recently for a self trial (this is always a good idea). 

Apple cider, caramel vodka, shake vigorously!  I topped it with a milk foam (got a frother?) that I infused with Runamok Maple’s Cinnamon Vanilla Maple Syrup and topped with orange zest. It was perfect for the fall evening!  I used the syrup for one of my eats too!! A pomegranate pumpkin canapé. 

I plucked out pomegranate arils and mixed in crushed walnuts and rosemary and let the syrup bind it together beautifully. This sat atop a mix of pecan pumpkin butter and cream cheese that I piped into whole grain crisps. 

Garnished with fresh rosemary and lavender from the garden! 

My equally culinarily talented sis made a delicious butternut squash soup topped with bacon and pomegranates (we were on a Pom kick!!). 

Included some spanakopita and our girls rounded things out with a Brie en Croute and  spinach artichoke dip. It was perfect for drinking plenty of red wine with after polishing off our cider-tinis!! 

I still have more pomegranate ideas to work on!  They’re so cool, even though they are a pain in the butt to pick out of their weird pithy situation. 

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