T-Shirt Tourist…Wearable Memories. 

Ok, so this is a little one-off from my usual blog themes of food, drink and travel, but it does relate to travel. It is about memorabilia from the places I go. I love t-shirts. Jeans and a tee is my favorite casual attire. And my how tees have evolved in shape and feel over the last 10 years or so!!

Ladies – remember when it was just all one tee type, boxy men’s style and you’d just have to get a men’s small if you’re a girl?? The t-shirt evolution creating a fit for chicks has revolutionized my love of the tee. The “woman’s tee.” The “woman with curves tee.” And not only did we finally get womens’ T-shirts to show off our shapes, the shirts just keep getting softer!!! I love soft tees so much.  It’s like wearing pjs out. So when I travel, I’m always looking for a t-shirt from a unique spot. Or a unique (like super soft or great fitting) tee from a common spot – one or the other. That’s my travel souvenir gift to me. 

A few times, I was able to get the staff t-shirts even when they weren’t technically for sale – sometimes you just have to ask!  I have developed quite a collection and while my t-shirt drawers overfloweth, I just can’t stop and there are so many that I can’t part with. They represent cool places I’ve been, like cities, islands, bars or adventures I’ve had, and I feel like it’s a wearable memory. 

Someday I’ll be able to wear t-shirts everyday! Holla if you love a good tee!!

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