Back in the Kitchen…

Ok, back to reality, where I don’t have buffet access practically 24/7 with reckless abandon and carbs galore. See, i.e. the cruise I just went on.  Nah, seriously, I wasn’t that bad this time. Honestly!  More lattes than martinis, I swear! I did, however, take some of Napa, my pre-cruise desination, home with me for the kitchen. Whole Spice, a great spot in the Oxbow Market, provided some exciting ideas for creative cuisine. Tonight, the “Asian Smoked Tea” rub was my inspiration. 

I have had tea smoked salmon before, so I thought I’d kind of go that way. I had salmon on hand, so no prob. And veggies. Back to reality – protein and veg, nix starches.  I rubbed the salmon with this lovely spice blend and got the veggies going in the oven. Roasting some kale and some green beans and tomatoes.  

I found an olive oil from Cleo Oils that is butter flavored. It’s delicious. Mmmmmm butter.  I used it on the green beans and only cooked them for a short bit because I like green beans nearly raw. I sprinkled a little smoked sea salt on them from Gustus Vitae. Yum!  The salmon was seared skin on, of course, with the tea rub and just a smidge of olive oil.

I had a perfectly ripe avocado to really round out the dish and gave it a touch of the smoked salt that I used on the beans. This dish really came together beautifully. The tea smoked spice was great on the salmon and needed nothing else. 

I added a few garden fresh cherry tomatoes for color and voila! A great healthy dinner to signify being back to the health-conscious culinary ways that I generally go by!

#smokedtearub #salmon #oliveoil #kale #greenbeans 

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