Forty and Fabulous

I stared down this big birthday like you stare down a green light as you speed up to an intersection, nearing that point where you don’t think you can stop in time if it turns. Well, it turned. I turned 40. But I made it and feel good about it. For now anyways.  I’ve gone back and forth and sideways about my feelings regarding this age.  Have I done enough to be proud?  Can I say I have no regrets?  Am I eating great?  Have I gone everywhere I want to go?  I think I can answer mostly yes to all.  I like to say that you’re only as old as people think you are, and for the most part, people think I’m younger.  Except kids – they are all over the place. They either think your 18 or 47.  Anyways, I’m not taking it too seriously, just like how I try to take myself all the time – not too seriously.  I say what I want and try to make myself and others laugh.  I try to stay fit, eat healthy but indulge here and there.  I drink.  Life is good. I made my goal weight, under at that, and feel great going into a vacation of total indulgence – Napa and then an Alaskan cruise!! Stay tuned!!  

Meanwhile, I made a great breakfast after a short but meaningful run with my pup. Fresh eggs with shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes, greens, fresh ricotta and bacon jam with some blackberries on the side!  Delish!!

One thought on “Forty and Fabulous

  1. Wow…. breakfast looks fabulous (as do YOU!) 40 is a great age (I barely remember, because my son ‘arrived’ 7 days after!). Embrace it and your entire beautiful family! ❤

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