Farmer’s Market Inspired

I was at a great farmer’s market yesterday and couldn’t help but indulge in the goodies. Central Farm Markets in Bethesda, MD really brings its “A” game. Everything looked amazing, which makes me so happy for the farmers. I know how excited I got when just one summer squash appeared in my novice attempt at vegetable gardening this year. The peaches abounded, the blackberries beckoned, and the fresh cheeses pleased. So with that trio, I came up with a very healthy dish for dinner last night.

I’m on a kick to be at my lowest weight before embarking on a cruise in a couple of days where I’ll surely put it all back on. So dinners have been light, day munching has been curtailed, and it has paid off for sure!  But back to dinner…

Salmon summer salad. I started with a bed of fresh greens and blackberries and drizzled just a bit of mango balsamic from JDGourmet. I love their balsamics. Then, to top the greens, I made roasted peaches and seared salmon.

I sliced one of the peaches in half, stuffed some fresh ricotta into it, drizzled a little of the balsamic and baked til the peach browned just on the edges. So delicious, remember you can cook fruit!! Peaches on the grill with a drizzle of a good balsamic are heavenly (and remember a few days ago when I roasted nectarines with bacon? Throw back to self).  I seared the salmon with smoked salt, pepper, and EVOO.  Everything paired perfectly!! I sprinkled pistachio nuts on top, but that happened after I snapped a pic and due to extreme hunger, I forgot to re-pic before devouring!!

This is such a simple dish that you can vary endlessly. It was palate brightening, filled with nutrients, and just felt good to eat. Especially if you’re being health/weight conscious, a dish like this will really fill you up and make you think you ate more!!

#summersalad #salmon #peaches #blackberriew #balsamic

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