Light Fare…with bacon

We all know that everything is better with bacon. So I added just a touch to a light dinner. The maple kind. Boy did it make the dish sing!! I needed to go light because I was pretty sure we were doing frozen yogurt and I’m trying really hard to keep my number down (main reason may be forthcoming in a blog I’m trying to decide whether or not to write regarding my age).  I didn’t have very much on hand, but what I had could work. Portabellas (nice big ones!), spinach, tomatoes, cheese, turkey sausage, nectarines, and bacon. 

I stuffed the portobello caps with spinach, tomatoes, turkey sausage and sharp cheddar cheese, tossed with some truffle oil. Gently placed a little bacon on top. Then I sliced up a couple nectarines and gently placed a little bacon on top. Gently placing bacon on tops of things sounds like a great idea in general. I roasted this little duo together for a while, til the bacon smelled mouthwateringly delicious and the cheese started to get brown and bubbly on the mushroom caps. 

I roasted some asparagus too, it needed more green. To finish, I drizzled some blood orange balsamic on the nectarines and sprinkled some fresh basil on top of everything. Now this was a great light dish…with bacon!!

2 thoughts on “Light Fare…with bacon

  1. Wow! That’s sounds soooooo good! Love that you use nectarines – it seems they get forgotten in the shadows of the all powerful summertime peach. I love that you incorporate fruits and balsamic a instead of the usual sweeteners. You go girl! Love your blog šŸ˜Š

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