Vanilla Shrimp…

I was inspired by the vanilla poached shrimp I had the other night, so I thought I’d try to make a version of it myself at home. Overall, pretty delicious. True to the original? No, not really. But it was still a great flavor profile to “vanillafy” the shrimp! Thanks Jackson 20!  I started with real butter…mmm butter.

I added vanilla paste and then some peeled jumbo shrimp and tossed them in the buttery bliss. Did I mention I love real butter?  I don’t cook with it very often, I usually use some version of EVOO, but when the butter beckons, I obey.

I plated it solo, a little chopped fresh basil on top, sprinkled a little Asiago for some salty cheesiness, and then drizzled a little bit of rum barrel aged maple syrup from Runamok Maple.

This was good. Really good. And so easy – shrimp cook very quick. I covered them just for a minute while they were mix and mingling in the butter, tossed them around in the butter sizzle and then that was it.  Since the vanilla was the hint in here, I remembered I had a vanilla stout and I know that sounds weird with a light dish like this, but it totally worked. Don’t be afraid to pair beer with food – I love wine, but beer can pair very well too!

Ninkasi’s Vanilla Oatis is pretty light for a stout has just the right vanilla notes to taste it but not overpower with sweetness. It’s very tasty and paired nicely with the vanilla shrimp. Happy mouth!!

#jackson20 #vanillashrimp #vanillastout #rumbarrelagedmaplesyrup

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