Blue Cheese Sea Salt on Dinner…and drinks!

I was so excited to get my salts in the mail yesterday from Gustus Vitae (another fabulous discovery at the Fancy Food Show this year)!  The Blue I knew from tasting at the show (excellent) and the others are great as well.

As I opened each packet of salt to put into the best packaging of salts ever (the bottom is a magnet and the top is either a shaker or pourer – genius!), I could smell the distinct essence of each one. The smoked sea salt smelled like a campfire. And each triggered a burning desire to pair it with the perfect foods.  Or drinks!  What?  Yes, as I was tasting the blue cheese salt from the tin I thought of my favorite cocktail – a dirty vodka martini with blue cheese stuffed olives. Hmm, instead of dirt (which is olive juice if you didn’t already know that) IN the drink, what if I put it ON the glass??

Ta-da!!  OMG, it was so fantastic.  It even melted a bit on the glass.  Some of you may be thinking “holy disgustingness EatDrinkandGo,” but I bet there are a couple of you who understand this type of tangy tongue-gasm that could be created by the salty tang of blue cheese and icy cold vodka.  My tongue literally curls just thinking about it as I’m writing! I rimmed the glass with the salt and shook up some vodka with ice, plopped a blue cheese stuffed olive in and BAM!! My favorite cocktail, with a twist!! Thank you Gustus Vitae! I only made it as a mini since I still had to grill dinner. And now on to dinner…

I love a good steak and I had two NY strips rip, roarin and ready to go. I marinated them with Truffle oil, pepper, fresh thyme and rosemary for about an hour.

I decided to try one of the other salts on the veggies I was making – the Rosemary Sea Salt. I cut up Brussel sprouts (first time grilling these guys), asparagus, and shiitake mushrooms. Tossed them in EVOO and the Rosemary salt.

Such a lovely, fresh garden smell and taste to this one. I love the smell of rosemary!! I used it fresh in the steak marinade, so I thought this would play well off of that.  Grill time!!

I feel inner peace when I get good grill marks on steaks. Plus it looks pro!  All you have to do is get a good hot sear and then make a quarter turn on each side. I don’t cook my steaks long because I like em rare.  The veggies also grilled up great in the foil packet.  After I took the steaks off, it was then time for the piece de resistance – the blue cheese salt.

Have mercy, this was just perfect! The blue cheese salt finish made it perfectly succulent with absolutely no need for any sauce. Mouthful of meaty bliss. Delish!! Thank you Gusus Vitae for these wonderful salts to add to my dishes…and drinks!!

One thought on “Blue Cheese Sea Salt on Dinner…and drinks!

  1. Aside from wanting one of those steaks, now I’m craving that martini!! Once again, you Go Girl!!!! Those salts look and sound amazing – I hope they appreciate your delicious looking and sounding gastro accomplishments using their products, because I totally intend to order some! I love that you showed us the before and after – just looking at that plate and those steaks make me drool. Well done (your blog, not the steaks – I love rare too) Thank you GG

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