Drinking Birthday Cake!

I’ve been so excited to try out the samples and ideas I got from the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC that I’ve been gushing about the last couple weeks.  And last night, I tried one of the most intriguing innovations in cocktails that I learned about at the show – Cocktail Aromatics by Alice & the Magician. 

We had a birthday in the house last night, so I found it only fitting that my first testing be with the “Chocolate Birthday Cake” edible fragrance. 

I went with an espresso martini to try this out. 

A little vanilla vodka, espresso vodka, shake with ice. 

Pour into glass and spritz on the aromatic like a perfume. 

Having made the drink myself, I knew there was no chocolate in it. But boy did the aromatic make you think there was!! My drinkmates couldn’t believe there wasn’t chocolate in it!! 

The scent of the aromatic intoxicated my nostrils like those Bath & Body Works candles you wish you could eat – except with this one, you can!! It was scentually delicious and lingered in the glass throughout the entire drink.  I realize that the flavored vodkas have a scent as well, but this just enhanced them and, in turn, enhanced the drink. 

With only one sampling so far, I can say that it’s not an invasive, hostile takeover of your drink that has been created here. It is an organic, symbiotic relationship that merely enhances what you’ve got going on already. It’s like adding a touch of make-up to a pretty face, whip cream on your gourmet hot chocolate, or the proverbial icing on the cake. Make a drink you like and then kick it up a notch with an Alice & the Magician’s Edible Fragrance. 

I’m really excited to try out the others – this wasn’t even the one I was most curiously excited about flavor-wise, but it was fitting for a birthday celebration here, so stay tuned as I review the others (responsibly, of course!). I know this may sound crazy, but I’m thinking that there is a possibility that these could also be added to – dare I say it – non-alcoholic drinks?  Hmmm. 

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