Would you rather…

Before I get to reviewing one of the best experiences of my life as a foodie, the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC, #SFFS16, I must have a prologue. I don’t know how many parts the review blogging will be. I think I can do it in four. This doesn’t count; it’s the prologue….

So would you rather die in a sauté of black truffle oil like these Brussel sprouts, 

Or drown a drunken death by red wine like these shiitake mushrooms??? 

I thought this was an amusing juxtaposition. Neither bath would I turn away were it not my last. But as to the question, I’d go with the wine so maybe I’d get a little drunk first!! But fear not having to make this do or die decision, as they’ll soon join together for eternity (at least until consumption). Once the sprouts are crispy and the shrooms are drunk, I’ll finish them off together in a simmer of red wine and before they lie on a bed of roasted spaghetti squash tossed in a truffle tomato sauce. 

And voila! Sprinkled some pine nuts on top. They go so well with any squash!  

BTW, I’ve decided to go three days a vegan (I leave for vacation soon and can’t not be omnivorous there!). Three days a vegan, probably less difficult than twelve years a slave. Bad analogy? Only meant if for the parallel structure. Or is is iambic pentameter?  Anyhoo, vegan because I ate my weight in cheese and meat products at #SFFS16 the last couple days and must repent. Good thing I love veggies!! I think I’ll make it. Hence, tonight’s lovely and delicious vegan dinner, as described and pictured above!! Of course I’m drinking it with a delicious red Zin by 1000 Stories, which had a couple days to open up while I was at #SFFS16. 

One thought on “Would you rather…

  1. Wow! That looks beautiful! I love how you showed us each part of the creation of that beautiful plate! The rich colors plus the vivid descriptions of each ingredient really makes me want to make and eat it!!! Thank you GoGirl! I can’t wait to read and see your pictures of the Show!

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