Stretching is key…

I never thought I would be trying to stretch out my stomach, as I’m always striving to stay fit while eating well, but….TOMORROW is the big day!! A veritable food tasting marathon. A pantheon of palate pleasures. 

 The Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC!  #SFFS16. The Mecca of all things fancy in food, creative cuisine, delectables of dining, and I have to be up for the challenge of tasting as much as I can.  It’s my first time going. I want to be able to experience everything, while realizing that’s impossible, and pace myself, which will be the real challenge.  I ate about a metric ton of pizza today. I definitely feel stretched out so I think that ought to do it! 

 I will write about everything I love, since you know I only write about my positive food, drink and travel experiences on here, so stay tuned!! Meanwhile, here is my new logo, hope you like! Probably the only non food, drink or travel pick that you’ll be seeing from me here at Eat, Drink, and Go!!

Follow me on Twitter @eatdrinkgogirl as I tweet my way through the best of what the Summer Fancy Food Show has to offer!!

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