Saturday Snack Sampling!

Following on my gushing over popcorn and my life story about it last week, I’m sampling some popcorns from snack folks Buck Wild today.  I’m tasting the Caramel Bourbon and the Roasted garlic. 

What if you could just have samplings of your favorite food or drink items and that was the way you ate?  Like four different kinds of lettuce was your salad, three different cuts of steak, four different cheeses. I could go one forever. The wine and beer flights are just divine. God that’d be great for all my meals!  But I digress. These two popcorns were at different ends of the popcorn spectrum, one being salty and one being sweet, but both good. 

The Caramel Bourbon:

This was wonderful. It wasn’t too sweet and the bourbon flavor was aromatic as well as discernible in the taste. It was very buttery.  I love butter.  I once dared someone to do butter shots with me, which we never ended up actually doing, but still. I love butter. It could happen. This caramel corn doesn’t have the crystalline bits like in some I’ve had before, which I appreciate here because those bits lend to more teeth sticktitude (new word) and can be annoying. In sum, I really enjoyed this. It is sweeter, though not too sweet, than my standard go to snack, but quite tasty!  I’d give it an A-.

The Roasted Garlic:

At first, I found it a little ranch-y, which isn’t one of my favorite flavorings, but after a couple bites, it toned down to a mellow, light garlicky and not-too-salty essence. Like having to take 2-3 sips to truly taste a wine, I found that to be the case where I needed three kernels to form a positive opinion here. And I did.  I’d give it a strong B+. 

This is a difficult field for any competitor in my mouth on this item because I make my own popcorn and love it deeply. That said, I think Buck Wild fares quite well. I have some of their tortilla chips to try next, so stay tuned!!

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