Got Shrimp?

North Carolina and shrimp go together like (insert your favorite paring here, mine would probably be wine and cheese. Shocker). I love to make shrimp down at the beach. We try to get it fresh off the boat, but in a pinch, I admit I’ve bought the big raw frozen ones already peeled – come on, you know it’s really just being at the beach that makes it all great. Just being honest, like I promised to always be on here!!

 Often times I fry it up because everyone goes gaga over that style (especially after sand, sun and Corona all day), sometimes I scampi, othertimes, ok well now I sound like Bubba in Forest Gump. But last night, we got some excellent super fresh, plump shrimp down near Emerald Isle in NC.  I was cooking for a bigger group than usual and didn’t have the time to fry 8 pounds of U16 shrimp in small batches. So I grilled, and boy did they come out great!!

Probably the most simple grilling I’ve ever done. Tossed them with old bay and a little olive oil and spread them on the grill, flipped once and voila! Scrumptious crustaceans. Throw some peppers and asparagus in a foil packet with EVOO, salt and pepper and a lay out a bunch of corn on the cob. My trick with corn – keep some of the husks to protect it but remove the silks. Grill until the husks are a bit charred and your corn will be perfect. Please let me know if you need more shrimp ideas!!

Happy grilling!! My favorite summer kitchen…stay tuned for dining al fresco ideas, experiences, and pics this summer!  

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