Crab-stuffed Campari Tomato and Sauv Blanc

So tonight I had no idea what to make for dinner, and I pondered such during a nice after work run. I love thinking about food. Hmm… I knew I’d be inspired as soon as I opened the fridge and my prediction did not disappoint. Leftover crab meat. What to do with leftover crab meat? The question is what NOT to do with leftover crab meat, and the answer is: don’t let it go bad!! So the pressure was on, the theme was crab! First I thought crab cakes, but I just did that (see Mother’s Day blog). Then, I remembered the Campari tomatoes I needed to use soon. Perfect!! 

I hollowed out the tomatoes, mixed up some filling – crab meat, a few chopped artichoke hearts, one egg, parsley, Parmesan cheese, and a little panko.

Stuff and sprinkle a little more panko for some crunchies and then bake at 350 til it looks good. I topped them with their own end caps and a crisped up piece of prosciutto for each. Mmmmm!! They came out so good!

I served them with braised cabbage and kale (I used a sweet Riesling I didn’t care for as the lead liquid in the braise. I won’t say which one because I only do positive stuff on here, but when you don’t like a wine for drinking, don’t dump it – cook with it!) and some blanched asparagus. 

I am very pleased with my wine pairing for this dinner. From my recent case splurge (see recent wine club posting) I selected a crisp white Sauvignon Blanc to pair herewith, courtesy of Clos du Val. Delish!!

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