Mother’s Day feast…

Happy day-after to all moms out there!! Ours with my family was great, and I got to host and do what I love – cook!! In case I haven’t mentioned it before, playing with food is one of my absolute favorite things to do. So naturally, I enjoyed every minute of prep yesterday morning. I couldn’t even stay in bed, I was so excited to start cooking. Yes, now that’s weird. I had my rough outline of the food plans and left room to improvise. 

The menu included a fresh egg and mushroom frittata (one of my brunch go-tos), pecan maple crusted bacon, mini crab cakes, shrimp and arugula salad, spinach artichoke dip with apple chips and fruit crisps, bleu cheese stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto, and a kick-as cheese board. Then a chocolate fondue for dessert. With help from my mom and sis, we presented a great spread of deliciousness!!  

The frittata:  Start by sautéing shallots, mushrooms, and parsley in truffle oil and white wine til it reduces a bit. 

Then I added some red bell peppers and asparagus, not much just enough for a little taste of other veggies sprinkled in. In a big bowl, I beat up 8 farm fresh eggs (yum), a little cream and some pepper and truffle salt. I layered the egg, veg, and fontina cheese in a pie dish (a frittata would normally be made in the sauté pan it started omletting in, but creative liberty is fully endorsed in my kitchen).  Put it in the oven at 375…

Bake til golden edges and set center!

My sis made a delicious shrimp and arugula salad with lemon cream, which was perfect for the day’s beautiful spring weather!

I also made mini crab cakes that went faster than I expected. There is too much crab meat in here…said no person ever!! These are easy if you get the crab meat already picked!! Toss in a bowl with an egg, panko, salt and pepper (I used a lemon salt), lemon oil, and a touch of mayo. Make into little balls. Bake til crispy!

The spread…

Of course, it was all washed down thoroughly with endless mimosas!!!

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