Simple salmon! 

Ok, confession – I rarely follow recipes. And if you get good ingredients, have a vague notion of what goes with what, an adventurous spirit and open mind, you too can ditch the confines of a rigorous regime of recipe rules.

So keep the skin on, salt and pepper it generously, and then sprinkle a little salt and pepper on the non-skin side. If you’re feeling extremely exotic, use a specialty salt – I selected vanilla salt tonight. Put a little oil in a sautéed pan (I used a lime infused EVOO, which you can also be creative with depending on your taste – no judgment passed on good ol plain and wonderful EVOO). Sear the heck out of the skin; it can take it. Be careful of splatter! Flip for just a minute on the non skin side and then boom, done. I made a very simple sauce to spill over each filet – pomegranate jam (orange or other fruit would do) and a maple balsamic vinegar (again, any good sweet balsamic would be fine).  As a side pillow, I roughly diced a couple of pineapple spears and made some crunchy kale (EVOO, salt and pepper – roast til slightly browned edges for crispytown).  #simplesalmon.

If you already know your way around the kitchen, perhaps you’ll endeavor to try it out sometime!! If you need detailed directions, email me on the web page.

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