What a match!!

Champagne and oysters. If you don’t know, now you know. They are such a perfect pairing – the effervescent sweetness of the champagne and the briney succulence of the oyster are just heavenly together. It didn’t hurt that I had this pairing with the warm glow of a Napa sunset, dining al fresco at Brix restaurant in Yountville. But it is widely available!  

I didn’t like oysters until I was much older; don’t forget a tip in an earlier blog about wines and trying them again at a different time in your life. Same goes for food!! 

Happy Friday, foodie friends! Eat, drink and go well this weekend.  

4 thoughts on “What a match!!

  1. Wow! Those oysters look incredible! There’s a place in San Francisco on the warf near all the sea lions that had the most incredible variety and quality of oysters; I was there awhile ago but don’t remember the name of the place – I was wondering GoGirl, if you might know the place – I think they are pretty well known to that area. They’re not the place that throws the fish all around though, they are kind of inside the big market area. I know that’s maybe a bit of a stretch but thought I’d ask you since I’ve been enjoying your blog and site. Anyone (me included) who is thinking of hitting the left coast son would love that place.


  2. Forgot to ask – where in the Maryland area would you suggest for great oysters? I know NC at Howard’s Pub you can get good ones, but that’s a bit of a drive for a craving ;


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