The verdict…and tonight’s dinner.

So the answer to my last question: yes, you can “home blend” wines that just don’t quite do it for you individually. Sorry if this has offended anyone. 

On to an “eat.” Tonight’s dinner was excellent and inspired by two things I happened to have on hand once I decided on salmon as the main. 1) a blood orange and 2) one chilled white wine (one I don’t really drink anymore) – a Riesling. So for the salmon, I seared the skin side to a crisp with cracked pepper, smoked salt, and lime-infused olive oil. After getting a really good sear, ya flip to the skinless side for just a minute or two covered to get a light tan. I gently lowered it on top of a pile of smashed avocado with a smidge of sour cream and wasabi. I reduced the wine and blood orange juice with a little salt, pepper and honey. I drizzled this over the salmon and a side of dark roasted cauliflower and Brussels sprouts (hint – it’s hard to over-roast these guys, the crispier the better!!).  The hints of wasabi in the avo and the sweet orange really played nicely together. I love it when everyone at the party gets along! And the wine wasn’t too terrible to drink along side. 


2 thoughts on “The verdict…and tonight’s dinner.

  1. On offending for mixing wines – anyone offended probably needs to drink more wine đŸ˜‰ Party on the plate + party on the palette = a perty in my tummy, so yummy! Especially like the avocado smash with irregular chunky texture and your lime and orange favors with all the rest – you can see the textures on the roasted veggies! When did you say you were thinking about a cafe/ bistro/ restaurant ? I’d like to make a rez GoGirl.


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