Bottles, bottles everywhere…

Some bottles you just can’t bring yourself to put in the recycling bin right away. It’s like you have to keep them to make sure there is no other purpose for them, such as a candle holder, a single-rose display,  a piece for the kind of collection that no one has room or need for (empty bottles??). But before I can toss them in the bin, they at least deserve a snapshot and memorial on the eternal Internet. So here lies the shells of two full-bodied reds that gave me great joy during their time here. I opened both during 2015, so five and six years respectively was plenty of aging.  Interestingly, I feel like I’ve aged well over the last 5-6 years too! 
The Zin was so smooth, silky, but just enough pepper to give it the Zinfanel bite I used to shy from.  Our tastes for everything evolve as we age.  Don’t be afraid to try wines you didn’t like a few years ago. You’ll be surprised.  I love when I prove myself wrong about something I thought I didn’t like – no shame, rather, it just gives me more things to pick from, talk about, recommend, and, oh yes…drink!!  I matriculated (as most wine lovers did) through whites – the Riesling, white Zin, and Pinot Grigio days of old in your 20s…your graduation to Sauvignon Blanc (now the only white I regularly drink)…and then you go to Napa and discover the world according to Red. And nothing will ever be the same. But I digress. 

The Altruist, one of Markham’s limited releases, was an excellent example of a deep, rich Cab that perfectly compliments a good steak or a good story and was worth savingšŸ˜‰ (I’m really bad at that “cellaring” thing). I don’t think the estate wines of theirs are in stores, but you can get them on the website @ 

And happy 40th anniversary of when California beat France in the wine challenge!!

2 thoughts on “Bottles, bottles everywhere…

  1. Yay California!!! Yay for trying new wines!! I totally know what you mean about letting go of the bottles that keep those most lovely wines captive till we enjoy them. It is hard to cellar unless you began doing it before you knew you would want to šŸ˜‰
    One of my wine clubs has put paper collars that say not to open before a specific date around a few bottles – that surprised me. I guess it must be hard for many people to cellar.
    Loving your blog. Thanks Gogirl

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    1. Thanks Laurie! Glad you’re enjoying the blog. That’s a good idea to tag the bottles- if you can wait!


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