So as not to forget the “go” part…

As I cringed at the chill of the wind yesterday, my mind jogged back to the warm winds in a place I think was probably the most breathtaking I’ve ever experienced.  Turks and Caicos.  If you have a chuck of change to blow and five days to spare, GO!  I recommend the Seven Stars resort on Providenciales on Grace Bay.  Have dinner and watch the sunset at Hemingways a few steps down the beach (although the resort’s restaurant Seven is really top notch -the butter compounds for the breads were outstanding!).

3 thoughts on “So as not to forget the “go” part…

  1. Considering the first time I heard some one talking about Turks and Caicos I thought they said they were going to Church and Kinkos (it was via 2 car phones so the connection was a bit compromised) I would love to know a little more of what was most beautiful, why and what was special about the places you stayed and visited. Ive really been enjoying your blog, Go Girl, tell more?


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